Lambay Whiskey is also coming to Whisky Live next month.

Posted on 2019-12-05

Lambay Irish Whiskey is triple distilled and comprises two expressions, both made by West Cork Distillers.

Patrick Léger, the Master Blender from the legendary cognac house Camus, is behind the shaping, polishing and finishing of Lambay Irish Whiskey. To aid in the Lambay Whiskey finishing process, hand-selected charred french oak casks are shipped across the sea from the cellars of Maison Camus.

The Small Batch Blend is then matured for a minimum of 4 years in first-fill bourbon barrels before being finished in cognac casks. The cognac cask imparts a more intense complexity from the tannins but also more fruit from the residue of the wine in the porous oak.

For Lambay Single Malt, hand-selected French oak cognac casks are carried across the sea from Cognac, France and placed in their bonded warehouse – The Sea Cask Room – on Lambay Island. Time is given to allow subtle maritime notes to be absorbed by these casks and then once again they are removed from the island and masterfully blended before bottling to create Lambay Single Malt.

Finally, Lambay Whiskey is crafted using the Island’s own Trinity Well water.