Whisky Live Update 06/12/19

Posted on 2019-12-06

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Esquire Magazine as one of our official media partners for Whisky Live Thailand 2020.

Founded in 1932, Esquire Men's Magazine is a monthly magazine with a circulation of 700K and has been a staple of men's style since the first great depression.

Esquire is special because it's a magazine for men. Not a fashion magazine, or a health magazine for men, not a money magazine for men. It is not any one of these things; it is all of them. It has been for nearly seventy years, a magazine about the interests, the curiosity, the passions, of men.

Although still heavy with American influence, you'll find they publish content for Mexico, Russia, Spain, Thailand, and about 15 other countries.